Friday, August 18, 2006


Posting from Paradise
When you are retired like I am, one day pretty much looks like the next. I do still remember the wonder of Friday and heaving a sigh of relief, knowing I did not have to get up or even get dressed if I did not want to for two whole days. I do, however, have a work schedule here in Paradise. That is to say, I schedule work when I want to or when certain things like dusting etc. have to be done. Retirement is not all fun and games.

Oh, who am I kidding...lots and lots of retirement is fun and games!

I have a kit to redo to double check the directions and I did finish two layouts over the past couple of days with one more in the works (taking a lunch break here thus the crumbs all over the keyboard). One I can't post because it is for a submissions and one is ok but not worth the time to post.

Which brings me to the increasing trend I am noticing in this world of submissions. One magazine (soon to be followed by a couple more if the rumors I am hearing are true) is placing increasing restrictions on the layouts they will accept for publication in that these may not be on-line ANYWHERE. If this is true, the next step is a decrease in the postings by anyone who is even remotely considering submitting. The policy has been that once your layout has been accepted, you remove it from on-line galleries. This next step, if embraced by other magazine and publishing companies, could render on-line galleries obsolete for all but design team members and those who never submit. Hmmmmmmmmm
Something to think about.

Have a great day!

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Kip said...

Enjoy that retirement- you earned it! All those years in a classroom....wait a minute, I earned it too, why am I not retired, lol!!!