Thursday, February 22, 2007

I LOVE shoes!

I must have a shoe fetish or something because I love shoes...and the cuter, the better. I found these on Matlacha and could not resist them! They are the coolest FMR shoes I have seen in eons. All they lack is a big rhinestone in the middle of each of the flowers.

My honey had the audacity to ask what I'd wear them with....well, the new outfit I'll find to go with them, of course! I am heading out on a cruise in May with Hilltop ( and don't you think that these very, very cool FMR shoes would look divine with either white crop pants and an off the shoulder long and loose fuscia top or a sun dress of the same colors?

And now to shop for the rest of the shoes for the!


:Jayne said...

Ya know as soon as I saw those shoes I saw you in white cropped pants and a fushia off the shoulder top! Then I read on! OMG!


Pam in Moncton said...

Cute shoes! Can't wait to see what you get to put with them! I think I need to do a little cruise shopping too. I did get some new sandles but they were the comfortable kind, not the cute flowery kind.

madelineas said...

Thay are cute, I would go with the white pants and top too.
Happy shopping