Saturday, March 31, 2007

Hemingway Cats for DeeDee

These pics are for our fellow cat lover, DeeDee and her honey, Steve! The kitties are still doing well at 'our' house in Key WEst! They are cuter than ever and we even saw them all over the island. Just Jack and the Goof seemed to know ....they were not happy with us when we got home.

Chris and Kristen even checked into an adoption program and you have to go through the Key West Animal Rescue place to get one of the polydactyl (multi-toed) cats.

Am so excited about all of us old folks having a reunion at our new place for New Year's Eve....!


RobinFL said...

Hey, my mom has one of those dad found it as a stray just wandering around where he worked many years ago. The kitty has a great personality and they always said she must be a decendent of those Hemingway cats.


PS when are you closing on your new house?

Pam in Moncton said...

Cute cats! Wonder how they get along with the chickens?

:Jayne said...

Patrick's first cat was a Hemingway! He was the most adorable thing. He also had no tail! Our vet said that was a rarity indeed. He was just a freebie kitten we got from a friend.
Love you pics of the Keys!


Gail said...

Great cat photos! Do you get to pet them while you're there? I'd never leave if that were the case, LOL.

Bec said...

Neat! I've never seen a cat like that before!

Michele L from Tampa said...

Just realized I never responded...I love those cats. I posted on the other pix of the houses - and here are the kitties! I just want to hug them!