Thursday, March 15, 2007

Lessons learned the hard way....

After six years of being active on one message board or another and having committed my fair share of mistakes, I have come to know this

1. Flooding the gallery is inconsiderate to others who would like their work shown as much as you would like yours. It bumps others off and some very lovely layouts go unseen as many viewers do not go beyond the first page of a gallery. Flooding the gallery (posting far more than a couple of layouts at one time)is considered by many to be showing off.

2. Post unto others as you would have others post unto you(r layouts). I have learned that a standard rule of thumb is to post 3-5 comments to others' layouts for every layout of your own that you post. It is just nice, you know?

3. Every mb has its cliques and some mbs are more inviting than others. Pick the ones that are open, welcoming and warm and stick with them. I am a small town gal by upbringing and find it easier to play on a smaller mb than a large one where I feel lost in the crowd. Find one that fits you!

4. Celebrate the joys and accomplishments of others! It is more fun to do the Happy Dance with others than it is to dance alone.

5. Ask how someone did something...if it is a technique on a layout or an avatar or a blinkie or anything that they know more about than you do. Not only do you learn something but everyone is good at something and we all love to help others. Allow others to contribute to you!

Feel free to add to this list in a reply...I'd love to get more tips. Thanks.

So, this old gal is off to find a house before E and I end up living out of our mini van with our two wild boys, Fat Jack the Cat and Goof. Wish us luck for all our


Pam in Moncton said...

Yes do go and find a house! We can't have you living in a cardboard box on the street during hurricane season...your scrapbook paper would get wet.

madelineas said...

Jules I so agree with you about the MB, especially the first one.I think it is rude to flood a gallery with 8 or 10 LO at a time.
Good luck with the house sweet stuff.

:Jayne said...

I hope you find your dream home! Love your list especially #1!


crazydarla said...

BRAVO!! BRAVO!! You said more than I could ever think to and you hit the nail on the head. Maybe you should take up writing rather than house hunting? Hee hee...

"she lived in a van..down by the river..." hee hee! (remember that from SNL??)

Also, wanted to add on the mb bit too. (sorry, rambling now) I think it is of utmost importance to RAK and PAK as much as is given to you. If you get gifted a lot, then gift back alot... I am a believer in pay it forward. :O)

Michele L from Tampa said...

Fingers crossed for you. Wishing you cyber luck!

Kip said...

One of my pet peeves on MB's too is when people don't hardly ever participate in the board but only come on to toot or to flood the gallery with their Layouts. It's like they just float from one MB to another, trying desperately to get noticed. Sad, but true.

Good luck on the house hunt today!!

Anne said...

Said very well. I don't think it would ever be feasible to flood a gallery with my work because it takes me forever just to do ONE layout! But that's why we live in a world where everyone is different, and I can learn from the work that other people post as much as from my own mistakes and foibles.
No sense living out of car when you have a room here in Tennessee waiting for you! Just think of the meals with E and Ken under one roof!!!