Wednesday, March 21, 2007

MY Work Room (mine all mine!)

How funny that the only pics I forgot to take of our 'new' house-to-be were of my workroom. I know that many gals do not have a designated area or room in which to scrap and I also know how lucky I am to have the one I do have now BUT....the room here in this house is 10x12 at the most and, in this room, I have two of the Target craft towers, one of the smaller drawer sets, a computer armoire, a futon, a book case that holds my on-gong kits and projects and a work table. When extra company comes, the whole thing shuts down and out comes the futon (it has a real mattress on it and is solid wood so not very small if you get my drift). This room houses my computer, 3 printers, 2 scanners and my Wishblade along with my sizzix and two towers of dies. I have taken over the hall closet and had a closet guy work with me on the one in the small room. Cramped is not the adequate word to describe my current workroom.

All that is about to change as you can see by the pics. We are looking to replace the futon with a Murphy bed along a short wall in my new workroom. I'll get the closet guy out again to help me redo the closet and have him help me with a counter and drawers or at least give me some ideas. I love the shuttered windows, the double French doors that open out to the entry way, the niche above the closet for my altered projects (they now reside in boxes in the garage) and the sheer spaciousness of this light and airy room. A room of my own....I can hardly wait!

I leave Friday to lead a crop and teach at Stamping Memories in Cooper City and, thanks to Lauri, I don't have to spend the night in a hotel but rather with one of the fun Hilltop Memories gals. I will also get to meet Josie, the owner, with whom I have been e-mailing for the last six weeks and get to see my Smoochie Girl, Reggie after far too long a period of time. I've missed you darlin'.

I am also looking forward to our mini vacation with the kids in Key West. My son-in-law has never been so this will be such fun watching his reaction to the Conch Republic! Our balcony is said to overlook Mallory Square and I love sunset and all the festivities there. Yes, DeeDee, I'll see if the cat man is still there with all his trained felines and will get pics for you if he is!

Off to work on kits and classes. Have a great day all!


madelineas said...

Jules the room is great, love the window with all the bright light coming in..that closet looks like mine, I turned it into storage for all my scrap stuff, tons of room for shelves and such. Can't wait to see how you transform this..

Pam in Moncton said...

Ahhh...nice! What a lovely bright room! Bet you can't wait to get to organising it and working in it!

mae said...

What a sweet nursery. LOVE the stuffed animals. How different it will be not long from now. You sound so excited, Jules. Will "K" come to scrap with you?


Sunny said...

IT's gorgeous, Jules! But where will you put the crib? LOL! I just love how airy and light it looks. Enjoy!!

Cheryl said...


I'm so excited you are moving to the "land of my people". I'm sure by now Michele has told you about our greek heritage. GOOD FOOD!!!

It will be nice to get to scrap with you more often when you are right up the street.