Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Boxes, boxes everywhere...

I am drowning in boxes of scrapcrap (as E is fond of calling my precious supplies). He just brought in 7 new boxes and I am running out of room. We've ordered 10 more shelves for the closet unit and two more for the cabinets over the work area. And, I have been purging like a mad woman. This garage sale is going to be a doozy as I am putting up paper packs, embellishment packs, grab bags of stuff, stamps, etc. in addition to the furniture I had at the other house. I'll give the local gals a heads up when the time gets closer. We may not be able to have it here, but Kristen has some items to sell too so Palm Harbor is looking good.

Speaking of Kristen...today is her and Chris' 4th. anniversary. I'd post these so pretty and so cute pics of them (then and now)but Chris has the hook up wire to my scanner. He is suppose to be over today after work so maybe I can post them then.



Mae said...



WAgal said...

Ditto what Mae said!!!

Wish I could partake of your scrap sale Jules!!! Good time to be doing this as you want to start out fresh and organized in your beeyooteeful new scrap room.

Cheryl said...

ScrapCrap.....WAHOOO....Let me know far enough in advance so I can save up my $$$.

Can't wait to see you Saturday at the Expo.

Teresa said...

Me too...me too...definately want to come to your yard sale.
Also a very Happy Anniversary to Kristen and Chris.

:Jayne said...

Happy Anniversary KIDS!

You should have that sale the week I'm in town. That way I can help, er, shop!


~Cheryl said...

AH! Florida scrapcrap- have to wish it was closer to PA! *L* Just think of how much you'll get done when you are all organized and ready to go, though! :)

And Happy Anniversary to the love birds! :)