Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Hold on to your hat!

I actually scrapped today and it was FUN! and I didn't scrap for a class or a kit or anything except for me. And it was Fun! I was afraid I had forgotten how. Just like riding a bike, I guess.

Pardon the slightly askew view of this layout but Chris (my use-to-be favorite son in law) still has not brought the power cord for the scanner back so I used my digi and I can never get it straight with the camera.

This is my friend, Linda and I the last afternoon on the cruise...we were all having way too good a time as you can see. I love the saying, "Growing older is mandatory; growing up is optional." We were sure living that motto to the hilt! Love these crazy Hilltop Memories gals! Linda owns Hilltop Memories ( and has the best crops and her traveling store (also an on-line) ROCKS!

Now, I have to figure out which one page in the Expo book I did NOT make a transparency of and make one. We are taking my class kits to the Expo tomorrow and will visit with Kim Hodges and her honey, Tim. Kim owns Scrapbooks N Stickers ( and has a booth at many of the sb conventions in addition to her on-line store. Kristen is earning some much needed summer money working for Kim this coming weekend. If you get to the Tampa Expo, stop by and say hey to Kim, Tim and my baby, Kristen.


Michele L from Tampa said...

I love that picture! Excellent layout to work on!

Doug Bagley said...

I don't know much about scrapping, layouts, etc, but I like what you've done.
Did Barry dump a good amount of water on y'all?

Kip said...

So cute and love the photo!!!

Tam said...

I love it! You are just too darn cute! Looks like you have a blast everywhere you go! Hope to see you in Tulsa!

Mae said...

Looks like you and Linda were having WAY too much fun (as always).


eljay716 said...

hey looks like we were having way too much fun again!! I love it, great job. Your room is so beautiful, so glad for you. see you Saturday..