Sunday, June 03, 2007

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood

Tropical Storm Barry breezed through here giving us much needed rain and a cooling wind but little else. The rain was badly needed and the light wind was refreshing. I know that some areas south of us did get some flooding but none in our immediate area.

The kids dropped by yesterday and joined us for a late lunch at Lime in the Coconut which is just off the Sponge Docks. Very cute, open air type place with cold cheap beer (a plus in our book)with a bathtub in the front serving as a fountain. The food was great too. My Cuban had this really yummy sauce and I still have half for today.

Rob came by and set up Harry and all his friends in their new home in my work room. There is a place for the Wishblade, the scanners and printers etc. All are very content in their new locale as am I. Rob stayed for supper and then headed out to meet a friend.

For our anniversary, we had an early supper at a very nice restaurant in Tarpon Springs called Balley Hoos (spelling is probably way off). It is situated in an old house and, the view from the top story deck is so pretty. We couldn't sit outside because of the rain which began Friday evening but I did manage to snap a couple of pics. A huge oak tree winds it's branches around the decking creating a shady abode.
I felt like I was in a tree house. E had the prime rib and I had a wonderous snapper fixed with artichoke hearts and in a lemon butter wine sauce. It was such a nice way to celebrate our special day.

More organizing and purging going on for me to day in my new scraproom. Did you know I got a new room? lol
We're taking a break later and meeting all the kids at Miss Vicky's bar and grill down on the river for live music and some snacks. I love it when we reward ourselves. It is good motivation! Have a great day all.


Anonymous said...

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madelineas said...

Jule sounds like everything in your room is falling into place for. Your Anniversary diner sounds so yummy..