Saturday, June 16, 2007

Kip and Jules Amazing Adventure

or Just Another Day in Paradise.

Kip got here about one and off we went in search of a good sandwich for lunch. After a bit of debate (a/c vs. no a/c) we decided on Lime N Coconut about a block off the Sponge Docks. E and I met the kids there for lunch Sat. a week or so ago and had good food. Since our last visit, the bathtub fountain in the front of the restaurant had been repainted (I think Kip got a good pic of the fountain)and the yard had been de-weeded. What hadn't changed was the yummy Tarpon Springs Cuban sandwiches w/roasted garlic potatoes and creamy cole slaw. That is what Kip and I had and E had a Mojo pork sandwich which was juicy and flavorful, just like the establishment...lot of flavor and character! Kip says no one will recognize us as we have ice tea to drink and not a wine glass in our

Kip and I dropped E off at home and headed up to a new scrapbook store the next town away. The store is cute but her stock is very limited. She has lots of theme paper and did good job of separating her seasonal stock but in this area, it is going to take more than an organized store to compete w/Ruban Rouge and Whims. The owner was a very sweet woman but seemed to draw a blank when Kip and I asked her about the new BG papers being released at summer CHA...

We took a tour of Tarpon Springs after leaving the lss. We toured through the sponge docks, visited Howard Park and the beach and then drove slowly through the big old homes along Spring Bayou and another bayou whose name escapes me. We found this old church that was being renovated into a private home and marveled at how beautiful all the stained glass must be from the inside.

Kip took lots of pics so you can roam over to her blog when she gets them posted. We fell in love with small cottages and huge old Victorians alike. I love this town!

E is watching golf and we are trying to decide what to have for supper...we were doing pasta w/left over pork from the other night but neither of us is very hungry. Maybe we'll just snack.

I have Times of the Island (my last issue) which is a mag about Sanibel/Captiva and this month's Coastal Living luring me away from the computer. Have a good one and see you tomorrow.


madelineas said...

Sounds like a really fun day for both of you
I got a kick out of Ed's ST Louis Cardinals shirt, he is like Bill with his Boston Red Sox shirts. :)
Hope you have another LSS near you.

rebecca lucille said...

I can't wait to try out this restaurant... and I LOVE casa's right around the corner from me... too tempting! Try the asparagus and pasta!