Friday, June 29, 2007

Morning World...what's new?

My honey and I had a wonderful day yesterday. We visited 2 nursery places and bought 3 hibiscus plants, a crepe jasmine (looks like a cross between a rose and a gardenia) and a gardenia bush. I have been missing the color and aroma that we had at our other house.

After the nurseries, we headed to the old downtown area of Palm Harbor for lunch. We thought about trying a new place and found two. The first one appeared to be more of a bar with a place for live music and we elected to save that one, Hookers, for another day. We had a beer at the Doyle's Backyard which was a cute, fun place. I loved the bikes in the tree! Their menu was nice but pretty standard so we headed up the street to Peggy O'Neals (probably spelling that wrong) where we had lunch before. The picture is of my choice, Tuscan shrimp salad and it was amazing!

We got home, had a swim and left overs for supper and watched a little t.v. Just another day here in Paradise.


:Jayne said...

Looks yummy! Have you heard of Muzzy's? Our coach's daughter lives in Tarpon Springs and he said it's a great place. Can't wait to see the flowers!


madelineas said...

Love how you take your camera 'everyplace' you go :) your lunch looks yummy..

rebecca lucille said...

Try the Ozona Pig for BBQ if you haven't already... it's delish!