Friday, July 06, 2007

Good morning Sunshine!

and what a beautiful day it is here in Paradise. We picked up Jayne from the Tampa Airport with ease and headed back to the old homestead. We got her settled into her room and off she and I went for an adventure.

We did the Tarpon Springs tour:Sponge Docks, Golden Crescent around Spring Bayou, Howard Park on the Gulf, and even made a stop at the Castle Winery. I love the courtyard there and could wile away hours just sitting and sipping in the shade listening to the gurgling fountain. It is an oasis off a semi-busy street.

I got the cutest tee shirt that reads: I am not aging. I am just getting more complex! with a pic of a wine bottle or two.

Our friend, Barb, will be driving up from Ft. Myers later today with Lauri and Karen heading over from Ft. Lauderdale. Until they arrive we have tentative plans with the Kipster and may roam through a few of the antique shops on Antique Row here in Tarpon Springs with lunch where ever we land. Teri is heading down from a couple of towns up from ours and floating in the pool is the scheduled activity w/E grilling us goodies for dinner.

The pic is of our supper last night: steak with feta cheese and mushrooms in a wine sauce and a lovely salad on the side.

More to follow!

UPDATE ON GOOF: he is doing well and is taking his pills like a good boy. Just Jack is acting like he has never seen Goof in his life and is hissing at him like we had introduced a new cat to the house....not the brightest crayon in the box, our Jack.


madelineas said...

Your diner looks yummy, and your house looks huge in that picture.
Enjoy your weekend...

Denita said...

Hey Jules,
Sounds like you girls are having a blast. Hey do you know how much the boat is Saturday night?


Mae said...

Glad Goof is feeling better and what a funny Jack. Enjoy the weekend with your scrappy buddies.


Michele L from Tampa said...

Feta without me? Oh my! Jayne will not wanna go home after this trip! That is what she gets for being so far away! Great news on Goof. Jack is a trip!


Kip said...

she's eating my steak and sleeping in my bed....what's next I ask you????? LOL!!

Pam in Moncton said...

Glad Goof is doing better. Silly Jack! Just read what Kip said about your lovely weekend. What fun you all look like you had!