Monday, July 09, 2007

Scrapping Optional Girl's Weekend (part 1)

Friday morning, Jayne and I awoke to Baked Apple Pancakes with caramel sauce. What a way to kick start any day! Teri arrived late afternoon right before Barb who was driving up from Ft. Myers. E cooked us brats and burgers on the grill for supper and his 'world famous' Italian baked beans but the biggest hit was his potato salad that had Teri and Jayne in a "it's mine" tussles! lol

The Ft. Lauderdale girls, Lauri and Karen, arrived around 9 after a few detours on their way (Hobby Lobby, Griffins, etc). They brought me the most beautiful 2 doz. roses. I'll post a pic of those later and of the glass wind chime from Mama Jayne!

We got everyone situated for the night and chatted a good portion of the night away. Teri claimed a slice of the dining room as her 'boudoir' as she called it. Here she is getting ready for our day on Sat. morning.

As an aside here: I think the girls and E need to do a Scrapping Optional Girls' Weekend Cook book as some of the treats that everyone whipped up are beyond description on the Yummy Scale. For expample: Mama Jayne's kalua fruit dip and her killer margaritas, Lauri's salsa, Linda's cake, and E's Italian beans and his potato salad. I shall contribute the 4 ft. sandwich recipe which goes something like this. Go to Publix deli, order sandwich, bring home and have someone else cut it since I am not allowed to play with sharp objects!

Many thanks to all of you wonderful women for your contributions to this weekend.

Part 2 and 3 to follow.


Kip said...

I'm glad I was part of the fun but I sure missed that yummy breakfast!!

Michele L from Tampa said...

Thanks a zillion times over - had so much fun. And yes I know I would have had even a better time if I would have stayed the night. Just think see ya again soon!

Amy said...

I sure am bummed that I missed such a fun weekend! I hope this is an annual event so I can make it next time!

Denita said...

There are not words to describe to you how I feel about you! I had a marvelous time and am so glad that you and Jayne insisted that I come. Please except my apologies again for Barb and I's behaviour at the winery. We did a blast tho'

Love ya tons,