Thursday, August 30, 2007

It is happy haircut day here in Paradise

The salon was able to squeeze me in today so I won't look like Cousin Itt for our get away to Phoenix AZ starting next Wednesday. A slew of us are heading out to Creative Escape and I think I am taking more craft tools than I am clothes! Every time I think I have the required list all checked off...another unchecked item appears as if by magic! lol

I have some beautiful papers to play with today but may wait a bit. E is still painting in the master bath and often needs some help. Will post pics when the project is fini.

Chris was feeling better when Kristen picked him up last night after her school open house. Of course, he had just had a vicadin and was not feeling any pain at all! We made sure he took his two pulled teeth with him. I asked if he was going to put them under his pillow for the tooth

Our mighty hunter, Goofy, cornered a little snake in the pool enclosure yesterday. E took a shovel and helped send the critter to the happy snake land far far away. It was a little black snake of the common garden variety according to Chris who should know. I could only peek at it from between my slightly spread fingers that were held securely over my eyes! Eeeeeeeeek. and Yeah Goofy and E.

Off to double/triple check that CE supply list still one more time.


Kip said...

Aw, don't kill those black snakes. They are great for the environment and get rid of pests for you and they're totally harmless. Pick it up in a shovel next time and put it out back.

Mary B said...

I get my haircut Tuesday morning. I hear ya on cousin IT!!

We get in at 5pm. I'll email you my cell number.

madelineas said...

So glad Chris is doing good. I am glad I didn't see the snale, yikes..Can't wait to see your room all done.

Pam in Moncton said...

I'm with Kip - don't kill snakes unless they are poisonous and about to eat you. Your cat is adventurous. Mine just bring me live and dead moles and mice. don't worry about all the supplies. What you don't have you can borrow. That being said I DO have more supplies than clothes! Didn't know about the start of it all, but glad Chris is doing okay.

:Jayne said...

I know one thing you are forgetting!!! ME!!!!
I agree with Kip on the snakes.