Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Life in the (half)fast lane

I looked at the calendar this morning and was awe struck by how many activities are on the docket for this month and next. I am really looking forward to all of them and am really excited, now that I've booked my ticket, for Creative Escape in AZ.

This next weekend, my niece, her daughter and husband are coming to visit on their way to Orlando. My great niece, Kaela, tells her mom that she wants to be a scrap booker like her Aunt Julie when she grows up...too cute. Rob, Kristen,Chris, Gene and I got her something scrap related that I hope she will totally love for her upcoming 6th. birthday...we'll be giving it to her on Sat.

Our friend Kim's daughter, Jaime, will also be in town this weekend. She is signing up to be a Pampered Chef rep under Kristen but is coming here on Friday to get a foot up on her albums for her two cute little boys. Looks like there will be a whole lotta scrapping going on...me, Kaela, Jenny, and Jaime! and E will be so happy cooking up a storm.

I am teaching at Ruban Rouge on Sat. so everyone is on their own. and all leave on Sunday around noon.

Kip, Di and I are signed up for the Luxe Girls event at Ruban Rouge the following weekend. I am going in wide eyed and eager to learn!

September is filling fast with two action packed events: Creative Escape and then the MS crop organized by Jackie Dunning (see the side bar for a link and details). Not only is this a worth while charity raising event but should be tons of fun as well. Lots of the Hilltop Memories gals have signed up for the entire weekend and it looks like a pajama party in Tarpon Springs!

I have to find the layout that Gerry-anne did about me. She put it on display this weekend at the Hilltop Memories' Fried Green Tomato Crop and it is so funny. I took a pic and will try to download it this evening. Now you will have to come back for a looky loo! Til then...have a great one!


:Jayne said...

Sounds like an extra busy time for you! I'll miss you all so much during the MS crop!


WAgal said...

Wow Jules, you do indeed have a busy month ahead of you! Know you will love every minute of it, too!

Anne said...

Yay for Kristen for signing a recruit. I'm still working trying to get my first! And congrats on getting a deal on your ticket to CE. Wish I was joining you all.

We need to compare calendars so I can make my plans to head south. I need a Cabana fix!

madelineas said...

Sounds busy, busy to me Jules. Have fun. I would love to take one of your classes someday. :)

nickle831 said...

Hi Jules! I found a computer I can post to your blog from. To bad I'm not on this computer very often. Sounds like you have a fun filled couple of months ahead of you. Enjoy!

LIZZEE said...

Wow. how exciting for you goijg to Creative Escape.. Have fun and you do have one busy month.