Thursday, August 16, 2007

Step away from the Google search

Ever since my visit to the dr. yesterday where my blood pressure was, "way too high", I've been aghast. Well, rather I've been aghast ever since I googled 'high blood pressure'. Now I knew that this was something serious since my mom took high blood pressure meds, my sister does and so does my honey but never thought this could be a problem for me.

All my life, I've had low blood pressure...the dr/nurse often has had to take the reading a couple of times to get an accurate one. I think, having read all the dire warnings on the Google searches, my blood pressure is even higher than ever! Those are some scary things that can happen to a person if the pressure remains high and is not treated.

The dr. seemed to think this is a quirk since my last reading about a month ago was perfectly fine. I have to keep a blood pressure diary for a week, checking it every couple of days at the same time. I'm also working on diet and, thanks to one suggestion, petting my cats even more which they are loving!

So, next Wed. a.m. I go back, diary in hand and with lower pressure I am hoping. That is the morning I get my female check up, and that afternoon, just to finish off a perfect day, I am scheduled for my mammo and a bone density test.

I am at great risk of sounding like my late great Aunt Elfie who was a chronic complainer about her health...but I just want to add that this getting older is a bitch!


crazydarla said...

OK Jules.... just me and my odd ball thinking, but wouldn't you think your bp would be UP after having your annual girlie exam? I know mine would be?? Just a thought!! LOLOL Good luck! I know mine has been up for a while, totally SUCKS and have to take meds daily. ICKY POO! Good luck!

eljay716 said...

I was also always on the low side until it decided to go high. I was feeling really funny and I went and took my bp, right out of the blue. It was very high. I took it 6 more times over a 18 hr period and then called the dr. Meds it is. I hate it.

:Jayne said...

Eat Chocolate! I read in this month's AARP magazine that it lowers your bp! btw, it's my hubbys subscription, I am no where near that AARP age, of course!
Started your Aug Hang Ten kit last night, OMG! I love it!!!!


Michele L from Tampa said...

White coat syndrome will help it go up a bit too! And then worrying about if it is going down or not, then it will go up too! UGH Smooches and take it easy!

Barb po said...

Jules, As your nurse and favorite roomie, stay off the dam internet. If you read what they wrote about Aspirin, you would never touch one... Love Ya barb

dawn said...

having the hormones running around keeps your BP lower, once they taper off your BP can go up. I agree with Jayne ... chocolate is the way to go - LOL

hope you're doing better soon.

madelineas said...

I think you need to stay away from google searches Jules, it will make your BP go up. Just do what your doing and yup, the kitties and the chocolate help a lot. Hope things are better next week.