Saturday, October 13, 2007

Gettin' Pretty Scary....

Any road trip with Kip is an adventure and the one to Sebring was no exception. We laugh far too much and have far too much fun. We swing from slap stick to Thelma and Louise. What a joy this friend of mine is to me.

And, any time spent with the amazing, mystifying Hilltop Gals is an experience not to be missed. A couple of glasses of vino, a rock or two on the front porch of this historic hotel with the smokers and creative mode takes over.

Kip and I had bought these small chipboard books a while back with the intent of creating tombstone treasures because of the shape of the books. We both began and finished our books last night. There are far more pages than these pictured and now to take the pictures to fill our little books. That should be easy because tonight is the costume party and contest and the judging of the pumpkins.

When we arrived, we were each given a 'nekkid' pumpkin and told to pretty it up. I'll post mine later. While, there are far cuter ones on the display table, I love mine. I even used Tim Holtz new Grunge letters them!

If you can see the front of my tombstone treasures book, the title is done with the Grunge letters. I painted them black and then sanded off the embossed swirls. I covered each with Crystal Lacquer to get the shine.

Off to play! Love to all.


Janet M said...

Jules, I love the book and I'm sure your going to have some great photos to add to it.
The scrap weekend sounds great - enjoy. Looking forward to seeing the pumpkin pictures.

susie said...

Jules, it sounds like you all are having a great time, which is a given. Can't wait to see the costume pics. Love the boo-book, it will be a great place to put your creepover pics.
wish we were there. smoochies to all!
:[ susie

:Jayne said...

Love the book! Gotta get some of those grunge letters! You have inpsired me again!
Have fun. I do have bail money if you need it!


Mae said...

OH, I love this book. Great job!


Tricia said...

Oh I love the mini album! So cute!