Wednesday, October 17, 2007

I have to tell you about my New Zealand friend, Clare's brother and his new book, Everything He Hasn't Told You Yet. Here is the link that Clare sent me and it says more than I can. I'm calling Barnes and Noble today and see if they can't get me a copy. Maybe Clare can even get me an autograph. She has read the book and says it is wonderful and not just because her brother wrote it.

We got our new Christmas tree yesterday and it is going to be lovely. The one we had last year lost all its lights around the middle and, half way through the holidays, we found ourselves stuffing all our left over twinkle lights hither and yon to light it back up. It went bye bye shortly there after. We looked all over for our new perfect tree and found it a Home Depot. It has new soft lights shaped like acorns on the branches and is so pretty I can hardly wait.

For the past five or six years, we have been collecting hand blown and hand painted vintage looking Santa ornaments, some by Reiko (sp?) and some by others. While we were on our search for the perfect tree, we visited the Christmas Shop in Clearwater and found our ornament for this year. I'll take a picture later but this Santa is very special with tiny glasses on the tip of his nose and a beautiful robe of white with holly leaves and berries on it...lots of bling and glitter!

I just finished Paula Deen's autobiography and I loved it. She is such a down home kind of gal and we seldom miss her show on the Food Network. She reminds me of many of my friends, just gals being themselves and enjoying it. The other book on my bed stand is the newest biography of Grace Kelly. I've read a couple of chapters and it is pretty good so far. I'd better hurry though as my books are due back tomorrow.

Don't forget the crop at Creative Scrap Shack on Sat. This is one of the most creative bunch of gals and such wonderful senses of humor.(

Also, the November kit for Kit N Kaboodle was released today and it is amazing! Roam on over and take a gander if you don't believe me. I'll post a pic of that kit later along with my new Santa. (

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:Jayne said...

We looked at that same tree Saturday night! Haven't made our purchase yet. But it's high on the list!
We should get a group together and go to Paula's restaurant. It's so much fun!