Monday, October 08, 2007

Last night's dinner was brought to us by the letter E

About two years ago, Gerri-anne and Barb were over at our house in Ft. Myers for something and E offered G-a a taste of some leftovers from a dinner we had for friends the day before. The 'taste' was Mango Chutney which E fixes to accompany the Thai Curried Game Hens that were the main course. Things intervened and only now has G-a and Barb been able to have the long promised Thai dinner.
E also served Cucumber Raita, gingered wild rice and the sweet mango chutney with a lemon mousse cheesecake in cheery sauce for desert.

I promised them I would post these pics today for Kip who, unfortunately had to return to her beloved Mudgie/Mugsey/Mopsey, the dog. E promises you Kip to recreate this meal just for you. Perhaps you, Anne and I can convince him to cook this for Anne's visit?

Enjoy your day. I'm working on a layout of Timmy Holtz and myself...and distressing the daylights out of it! LOL.


Tya said...

Wow Jules! That looks amazing and sounds deliciously wonderful. :-)

Scrappin' Jackie said...

YUM!! You are one lucky lady Miss Jules. He is awesome. Go letter "E".

Kip said...

It looks positively scrumptious!!

crazydarla said...

THAT IS IT! I am so packing up and heading to Florida... Look up girls, E is going to have to cook like a mad man to keep up with me! After 4 or more years of these photos and stories of food ala' E I have had it! I am catching the next donkey to Florida.... I'll be there in a few weeks! Hee hee! OK OK but I really DO wish I could come down! (sniff sniff)


Ruth said...

The dessert! Just pass the dessert.

Tricia said...

Oh that looks so YUMMY!!! Great spread and your table looks beautiful!