Friday, October 05, 2007

Pretty scary...........

When we lived in Ft. Myers, I would decorate the whole screened in front porch for Halloween with the pumpkin lights all around the eaves. Our ghosties would dance in the front yard and we'd have some fun when the kids came trick or treating. Our house is different here and we've made some changes. I hung one strand of the pumpkin lights inside my shuttered windows in the work room, a second strand hangs around our Witchy Woman (whom we have had since St. Louis)and, one of the lights is on the front porch. Our ghosties still dance in the wind and we've had some neighbors stop to look. I can't find my Halloween wreath since we've moved but I am sure it will turn up eventually along with the several other things I seem to be missing. This is such a fun holiday....enjoy!


Daphne said...

Love your ghosties!!! They are too cool!!! Did you make them? I feel like we "need" those in our yard!

The neighbor has one of those blow-up things and we went to see it last night. The little one thought it was really cool!

madelineas said...

Your house looks so nice all decorated. Love the upside down bat flag. Too cute
And I love that haunted house you made. What a great idea for the roof.