Tuesday, October 23, 2007

To each their own

I am a one page layout kinda gal. Back in the day, I thought one pagers were lame and could not imagine filling an album with one photo/one layouts. Ahem, boy have I crossed the street!

I started scrapping like most others through CM but left the flock shortly thereafter when I discovered the lss not too far from school. A stamp catalog also led me astray with its fun layouts and borders and just a couple of pictures per layout.

I think what finally did me in was working on DTs. The goal of designing for a site is two fold as I see it: sell the product and show various ways to use it! The more layouts a person can do to do this, the more product will be sold. I now design backwards in addition to doing one pagers almost exclusively. I get the papers, embellishments etc., create the layout and then find the picture to go with it...or pictures, which brings me to my next point.

I believe that a one page layout can serve the same purpose as a two page spread in most instances. There are so many ways to include many photos on a one pager just like on two. This is far more of a fun challenge to me, than trying to do a two pager that has balance, focus and continuity.

Because I create my layouts differently, I have found myself taking pictures differently as well. Instead of taking 25 shots at my great nieces recent 6th. b'day here, I focused on her and the joy in her face. The fact there was a cake (took a pic) and many presents (took a pic) and lots of us here to celebrate (took a picture) was plenty and these few could be incorporated into a mini album on the larger page. The best shot I got out of the few I took is priceless...Kaela with a huge bow on her head! Adding any other pics to this one would detract from the oh too cute-ness of that one shot.

Yes, I still do a double page spread from time to time but it is a real stretch for me. I still keep a chronological album of our adventures and numerous other albums for other things but you can count the two pagers on one hand.

That being said, I understand those who do two page layouts and their reasons for doing them and honor their choice. And as for journaling...well, let's talk about that another day! lol


crazydarla said...

It is funny you approached this today as I just posted a 2 pg lo a bit ago. I don't normally do 2 pg lo's myself, only if there is too many pix to get on one lo - but what I have found is that there are some photos that really "speak" to me and those are the ones I focus on to do more of an "art" on - so to say. Some pages I just do to get the photos done, out of the pkg and into a book, but there are the special photos that really mean more to me that I put a lot more time, energy, and creative thought into. Those pages are my works of art whereas the others are just scrapbooking... if that makes ANY sense at all!? LOL

Jules said...

Darla darling
we speak the same lingo

smalley2004 said...

Does it really matter if you do 1 pagers or 2 pagers? I just don't get the controversy on the MB's. I do both, I do what I like, and what moves me. I love your art.... ~Jennifer

Jules said...

Jennifer, I think it is great that in our shared love of this crazy hobby we are free to do what we like! Yeah US!