Sunday, November 18, 2007

Another glorious weekend in Paradise

Our weather here has been amazing. We get up to chilly put-on-socks weather and move to a-jacket-might-be-nice. The hot tub in the evening has been wonderful. We are suppose to have warmer weather next week so will probably wait 'til then to put the lights on the roof.

We had a great day yesterday. E got the ice lights up around the pool cage; his Charley Brown Christmas tree is lit and perched on top of the mini fridge on the lanai and our snowman is in all its glory on the rod iron towel holder. The only thing missing from the back is our 5 ft. Santa and we'll have to play around with securing him to the top of the rock waterfall so he doesn't take a dip in the pool.

Mid afternoon, we got out our bikes and took the Pinellas Trail into town. There was a tiny craft fair that we roamed through in about 5 min. and then roamed through town. There is a funny little cafe on one of the side street in Tarpon Springs called Zante's. The food is a little of this and a little of that with an emphasis on Greek and, of all things, Cajun. I had crawfish tails and tasso in a brandy cream sauce over angel hair pasta and E had Jambalaya. The food was so goooood. and we took our left overs home for supper. The funny thing about this place is that is also an antique/flea market and every where you look, there is something odd or old or just plain the Barbie dolls perched in a twisted Christmas tree or the cigar smoking gator next to our table. It is a bring your own wine/beer kind of place and we'll know next time.

We will know later this morning if Just Jack is getting released from the vet today. We got a call from them yesterday and he had removed his own cath for the second night in a row but that there was sufficient fluids in the bottom of his cage to think that he is unblocked. Crossing our fingers that he did not relapse last night and that we can get his crabby old self back home where he belongs.

Will post some layouts I've been working on tomorrow. Today is more clean up in my work room and putting up the big tree while E watches some football.

Have a great one.


Kip said...

I can't wait to see how the house looks with all your great stuff! Big hugs for poor Jackie too. Sounds like you found another fabulous eatery!

:Jayne said...

I envy you almost being Christmas ready already! I just feel overwhelmed by it all right now. Sounds like you and E had a great day yesterday. I'll have football on as I scrap today.

WAgal said...

Jules, I have also been decorating for Christmas!!! Still have lots to do but have made a huge dent.

I hope Jack gets to come home tomorrow. Poor sweetie. Post when you know something.