Sunday, January 13, 2008

Cruise Album: take one

Did I tell you I am going on a cruise? Not just any cruise, mind you. This is one organized by Linda at Hilltop Memories Retreat and Traveling Store which makes it a guaranteed fun adventure. This will be the 3rd. cruise I have gone on with the Hilltop Girls and believe me, fun is the word!

I have taught a class on each of the cruises so far and this is this year's class in the planning stages. The stadium book has sections for each day of our cruise and additional inserts can be made to provide even more room for journaling and photos. I have yet to add all the goodies but I always work in a technique or two and have lots of fun things to add to each project. This one will include those things too.


The boys are coming over today to help E take down a tree in the back that is blocking our solar panels on the roof enough to keep the panels from working at their best to heat the pool. We are also concerned that the tree's roots may grow into the pool wall or that the tree could fall into the pool and cage with a high down it comes. I actually will be hiding out in the house with my eyes shut and my ears covered as I do not want to witness any of the three most important men in my life up in the tree while the others stand under it, saws in hand! I think you can understand my reluctance to observe this.

Great crop at Creative Scrap Shack yesterday if you missed it. The cyber event was filled with much laughter and a whole lotta scrappin' going on (to paraphrase the late, great Elvis)!

Off to read the Sunday paper and pray heartily for the guys as they take down the tree.


Janet M said...

Oh Jules, I like your new project for the cruise this year. As always I'm sure the trip will be wonderful.
As for the tree cutting I can understand - I'll tell you our story after your tree is down. LOL

:Jayne said...

OHhhhhhhh! That looks so fun! I love the colors so far. I can hardly wait!
Please tell the guys to be careful. But have the video going, just in case you can have something to send to America's Funniest Video. $10,000 buys alot of scrapsupplies!

Chris said...

omg that look aweseome girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pam in Moncton said...

Oooo...I like the look of that project! Congrats on all the publications and design team work!