Wednesday, January 16, 2008

A Day with Janet and Bob

We had the best of intentions and would have been on time today getting to Anna Maria Island for our visit with our pals, Janet and Bob, but the best laid plans of mice and mere mortals...alas, we were a trifle bit late in our scheduled launch. We headed over the Sunshine Skyway and saw the most glorious sight. The sun was trying so bravely to break through the dark and dismal clouds and it was so magestic.

E had never seen the house and new things had been added since our Gathering of the Goddesses weekend so we took the house tour after coffee on their logia (or whatever the Italians call a balcony over looking a vision)!

It was so good to see our friend Bob again and to see how good he looked. Bob has had one hell of a year with health problems but was his spunky self and the twinkle was in his eyes!

We have already made plans for them to visit us,and the boys to wear their matching Multo Mario aprons and cook yummmies for Janet and I while we sip foo foo drinks in the hot tub...or something like that. And Bob wants to get fishing poles so he and E can sit by the surf with a cooler and "fish"...uh huh! lol

I'll put some more yummy pics on the blog tomorrow am of our great day with great people!

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Amy said...

I've eaten breakfast at the Sandbar and it sure is yummy! Glad you had a nice visit.