Thursday, January 10, 2008

Guess what is blooming (besides me?)lol

I can never get my amaryllis to bloom by Christmas but I have found they provide me with a wonderful pick me up after the holidays. The double one (first 2 pics) are hard to find and we have been nurturing this one for over four years. The red one just caught my fancy this year and 'she' is a newbie to my collection. I have 2 more down in the back yard but they are sluggish and may never come to flower.

I am not a patient person for a variety of reasons but these flowers teach so much about waiting and capturing the moment at the perfect time.

I don't submit much any more but I really bought into the concept of the new e-zine by Katie Scarlett ( a nom d' plume ) and her Scrapbook News and Review. She said this e-mag is to be generated by those of us who scrap. I submitted a few of my layouts and lo! and behold! one will appear in the Feb. issue. And it is one of my all time favorites too as it is a tribute to the lessons I have learned from my dear friend, Barb. The layout is called, "Waiting to Exhale".

And some other wonderful things have been happening to me lately sb wise...but I don't kiss and tell, you know! So, guess you'll just have to check back often and see!

Thanks to all of you who have e-mailed me and left the comments on the blog about Hang Ten. To answer a few of the questions: no, I am not quitting sbing; no, I am not upset about anything; yes, I have plans; yes, you will be able to buy my kits after my much needed break; and, many thanks to all of you!

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