Monday, January 28, 2008

Still Crazy after all these years...

What a great time we had. Jo and Bill had not seen the kids since Kristen's wedding four years ago June so everyone had fun talking about the good and the bad ol' days. E fixed too snack trays to hold us over until the bbq which we ended up eating inside as the chilly weather descended upon us once again.

Isn't my son so handsome without all his ZZ Topp facial hair? I'll have to work very hard to keep my vow to not say a word to him from now on even if he regrows that horror all the way to his knees!

Bill and Jo are off on a day trip to Sarasota today and E and I are taking care of somethings we have to do around here. When we get done with our dermatologist appointments tomorrow a.m., we'll head to Clearwater Beach, pick up Bill and Jo and head down to Ft. Dosoto for the day. Did you know that the beach at the fort was declared the best beach in the U.S. (I think I got that right!). We've never been and can't wait.

Enjoy your day and create something!


Mary B said...

I love Ft. DeSoto, DH and I love to go and spend the day down there, it's so pretty.

:Jayne said...

Why is it that we create these perfectly handsome faces on these nice young men and they insist on covering them with facial hair??
He's a handsome man Jules!


P.S. Enjoy Ft. Desoto! I love that beach!

Robin said...

He's a HOTTIE!! giggle

Kip said...

I love Ft. Desoto too and have spent many a day there. That is also where we used to camp. Have fun tomorrow.

Chris said...

wow i need to see a before pic girl!!!