Monday, February 11, 2008

Day Two at CHA

Yesterday was a pretty intense day as we went from booth to booth gathering catalogs and checking out the new paper lines and products. In general, it looked to me as iff some of the companies handed their designs off to the right and then took what they got and used new colors. Not much new under the sun. The new CBX papers didn't do much for me. I could see buying may one or two but not the whole of a line like I use to.

There were several companies, much to my dismay that have gone back to the CBX type think lineny papers as opposed to the lovely papers that have substance.

On the plus side, more and more have gone to double sided papers with coordinated designs. Of course, my favorite has to be Bisous! Her colors to me are just so lovely and in such interesting combinations.

Saw my friend, Amy, who ownes Memories in Uniform and they have come out with the neatest "jacket" for scrapbook albums and Art DeClassified has both Amy's and Suzanne ( in rubber stamps! I love it when companys work together.

We did see lots of new boy's lines that are very cool and a few great masculine papers as well. So far my top three picks of the show would have to be The Slice, portable die cutter...saw it in action and it appears to do exactlywhat it says it does and does it well. My second pick is the Cosmo Cricket black chipboard...this is a must have for me and my mind is already spinning in anticipation of getting some in my hot hands! And thirdly, Tsuneko (I am typing in the dark and can't find my catalog) has come out with a line of inks that you put on with a dabber....the colors are increditble...light and airy and on slick papers resemble watercolors. On other pre stamped papers, they create a highlight that reflects light and glimmers. Gotta have them all!

WE have the new companies on our agenda for today along with a few others we didn't cross off yesterday. My camera is all charged and ready to roomies are still sleeping but I can hear Barb up in the adjorning room. Her two roomies had a 7 am class and just headed out.

P.S. QK has a new 'arm' for the Revolution that is suppose to be very can cut banners, borders and titles up to 12 inches. Our next door roomies were raving about it last night!


Chris said...

ummm and where are the pictures girl????? huh huh ???

:Jayne said...

Yes we are visual!!! Can't wait to see the new stuff.


Tya said...

Hey Jules! Sounds like you're having fun. Enjoy browsing all the new goodies. Can't wait to 'see' everything. ;-)

Anne said...

Wish I was there! Been thinking about you all day and hoping that you were making wonderful discoveries. Sorry about the disappointments. I know you, though, you are very good at taking very little and making much out of it. Rock on, girl!