Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Volunteer time...

I promised my dd that I would give her a solid month of Tues. afternoons to help her in her classroom and today is day one. I am starting in Feb. since I'll be on the cruise the last Monday in March.

I've volunteered in her classroom on party days and an assortment of other events but not like I use to when we both lived in St. Louis. For the greater part of the school year my first year of retirement, I would spend an hour or so a week teaching writing to her second graders. I enjoyed it and just never got back into the habit here.

I have a few chores to do around here this morning and then try to make my bank account balance. For a change, it says I have more than I say I have. I haven't been adding in the COL increase and so it could be delightfully true the bank is correct! We'll see.

Off to the showers....have a great day.

P.S. for those who want to see the progress I've been making on my Nana album, check out my other blog. http://jules-atoasttoalteredart.blogspot.com. Many thanks, J

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