Monday, April 28, 2008

Another perfect day in Paradise

I took this shot out at Howard Park on the beach a couple of days ago and wanted to share it with you. Today, as was that day, is a perfect reminder of why we moved to Florida to retire: the sun is out, the clouds light and fluffy, the breeze is briny from the Gulf.

I am thinking I'll scrap this picture and will entitle it "Perfection in Paradise"...if you can think of another title, let me know, k?

Hope your day is as lovely as mine is turning out to be (other than the pesky tooth problem)!


Guhn said...

See Please Here

Chris said...

beautiful picture!!!!!!!!!!

lifeguard chair?? maybe something about how cant waste a beautiful day in paradise just sitting here.

Robin said...

Hey, that's a really neat photo Jules!!