Friday, April 11, 2008

It's Friday

and I got a great night's sleep for a change so I am refreshed and ready to plunge into the day. I have a major clean facing me here in my work room but I want to get it done so I can play. I got my DT kit from KnK for May and it is so rich and wonderous I can't wait to dig in!

E is taking some things over to the kids' tomorrow morning as they are having a garage sale and then we hope to head to the big arts and crafts fair at Craig Park down by Spring Bayou here in Tarpon Springs. Everyone tells us this is a "do not miss" opportunity so, if we can't make it Sat., we'll go Sunday for sure. We missed this by one month last year as we had not moved into this house yet.

Speaking of moving, on May 3, we will have lived here one year. Wow! It hardly seems that long at all...slow down time, please.

As is our custom on a couple of Fridays during the month, we will head up to Snookers in town for an afternoon toddy and to visit with our favorite bar/wait person, Susie! She is half the reason we go there as she makes us feel so welcome. We also like to watch the gators in the enclosure behind the tiki bar.

Off to start the day!

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