Sunday, April 20, 2008

A new week begins

When Jen and Tony visited with us before, they didn't have time to make their door sign so Jen set to work right before breakfast this morning and fashioned this cute Mickey door sign for them for the guest room. Then, Kaela, who loves to scrap, made one for "her" room too with some ballerina papers and stickers I found for her at Big Lots. Another cute door sign was produced by our to be scrap celeb, Miss Kaela! She and I am her mom scrapped about 5 or 6 pages yesterday of her trip with her parents to the Garden show at Epcot...lots of butterflies and ladybugs and topiaries!

Laundry is in, bed linens and towels washing and drying and almost ready for our friend, Jill Drayton to visit with us for a few days while her hubby goes hunting. Jill was my student teacher the year before my last one teaching and we have had such fun with her and her husband over the years. Jill and Kristen share ownership in two weeks at our time share resort and we are hoping they can make it down to use theirs. Jill is not an assistant principal in a high school outside of St. Louis. This has been her first year and I am sure the next one will be easier. See you Thurs. evening, Jill!

Off to do some catch up stuff...the pavers come back tomorrow to seal all the paving work and then we can start the landscaping in earnest. We found a solar fountain that will be perfect in the lower right corner of the lower lawn and will order that with some of our tax incentive money.

Tony,who was our realtor and who sold our house for us in Ft. Myers, reminded us we closed on May 30th of last year so our one year anniversary here is coming up fast. Now, how shall we celebrate?

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