Sunday, April 06, 2008

So Sad

About eight or nine months ago, Tam, a friend I had met on-line, steered me to a fairly new site, Creative Scrap Shack. It was a warm and wonderful place to hang out with creative and friendly women. I made some great friends there and even made the DT which was also such fun. Recently, the wonderful owner, Carman, has had some medical emergencies in her family and announced today that she is having to close the site to devote her full attention to her family and rightfully so. I am asking all to join me in good thoughts and prayers for Carman and her family. She is a an amazing woman who created an amazing site and who cares so much for her family and all of us. She is doing what her heart tells her she must.


:Jayne said...

That's so sad! Carmen has had a great site and is such a lovely person. Blessings to her!


linda said...

thoughts and prayers for Carmen's entire family..

Laura said...

I surely will miss chatting a shopping there. Such a great group of people and Carman was at the top of the list. Prayers going out for her family.

Pam in Moncton said...

I don't know Carman but I do hope all works out well for her as far as her family is concerned. Sad when someone has family troubles.