Friday, May 30, 2008

And they call this 'retired'?

I've managed to do it again...fill my dance card to overflowing. But then, I've always loved to dance!

I had a wonderful day today here in Paradise. I was invited to lunch with Gloria, a fellow art lover that I met at our mutual friend, Sandy's, party a couple of weeks ago. You know how it is with kindred spirits? Gloria served a lovely lunch and the time went so fast. We have lots in common and shared our love of books as well as the creation process.

Our new glasses came in today. Got the call a few minutes before I left for Gloria's. I love mine. There are totally different from any I've had before (I know...where is the picture, Jules? Maybe later, k?)and they don't slip down my nose like my old ones.
E's look fantastic on him. We got him away from the 'aviator' look he has had for eons but he is having major problems with the progressive bifocals. They do take some adjusting to.

Then we went by to see our favorite barkeep, Susie, at Snookers here in town for our Friday happy hour. Old habits die hard from our school faculty happy hours almost every Friday. She has concocted an amazing new drink that as yet has no name: crushed mint, simple syrup, green tea liquor and a little tonic water. Talk about one wonderful sip after another.

So here is how things are shaping up for the next couple of weeks...

Sat. Pampered Chef party at Kristen's tomorrow
Sunday: Our 13th. Anniversary...supper out/Tech goes up at
Monday: get fitted for my contacts
Tues: work with second graders to finish their scrapbooks
Fri: Fun begins for the weekend with G-a, Barb and Sonia coming up from Ft. Myers and Kip from St. Pete and we have a road trip planned for all day. Supper here catered by Chef E!
Sat: crop in Ruskin.

So, what's on your agenda?

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