Friday, June 27, 2008

Happy Weekend one and all

Slept like a log last night. Jill and I ran errands for most of the morning on Thursday and never did get around to cropping. I repacked to include all my goodies from our scrap store marathon shopping trip on Wed. All I have left to pack is my clothes and my meds.

Speaking of meds, I've had a persistent dry cough since last Nov. and had been taking some allergy pills from the dr which seemed to help a lot. When I went to get the renewal, the dr. suggested that perhaps my high blood pressure meds might be the cause of the cough. So, now I am on these teeny tiny pills that I have to cut in half...lost half of one already trying to cut these. This is an experiment to see what the cause of the cough actually is. And she increased my water retention pill dosage as she said my feet and ankles were puffy...maybe I just have puffy ankles I said, nope....more pills. I've had to switch cases to an am/pm one. The trials and tribulations of getting older...sigh!

Back to the weekend. We're meeting up with Roz and Twinks at Violette's while Barb, Janet, Sonia, and G-a head to Whims in St. Pete. We are all joining forces for lunch in Brandon before we head to Miss Linda's wonderful Birthday Crop for three glorious days of cropping and laughter. Can't wait.

Speaking of crops, Janet and G-a are hosting a weekend of classes and cropping and fun at Janet's store in Bonita Springs , Fl. The Hoe Down is scheduled for July 12 and 13th. and I'll be there with bells on. You can get more information sent to you by contacting or by calling Janet's store, Scrapbooks Etc., in Bonita Springs Fl.
Hope to see you there!

Off and running. Will post lots of fun pics very soon. Have a great weekend and wish you all could come with us to the Hilltop Memories b'day Crop!

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