Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Honesty and truth in posting...lol

Roaming through the KnK mb this morning, I came across the post that asked to see what everyone's work space looked like right now! Of course, my first thought was that I would wait to post until I get to the cleaning in here before I take a picture and post it to the thread. After all, I am in the midst of packing for two classes and a weekend retreat and still trying to get two last minute projects finished before I leave on Friday, right? (newsflash, make that 3 projects...I just noticed some clothes pins I have been working on are dry so I can continue with those too...lol).

Then, I thought to myself...nope! I am going to show my room in all its glory, or not. So here it is!

For me, the act of creating is a messy one and, being a true Gemini, I generally have 3 or 4 projects simmering. I try to keep these organized in art bins. When the bug bites, I am prone to pull stuff out from here and there. Would paint work best? What about a glaze or a photo transfer.

I am one of those people who have to have it in front of me or I forget it I have it, so my memo board is covered with little bags of ephemera gleaned from an antique crawl with Kip or tiny projects almost completed. And, add in the reminders and fun sites and business cards, combine with some tags from events and a quote or two and you have it...honest and truthful.

Off to rummage through some more of my snippets of treasures to see what I can do with these pretty clothes pins (idea compliments of one of the Stampington mags that I love!).

BTW: that very neat area by Harry, our main computer, is the last of the cleaning I have done in here lately. Notice the can of Pledge? It is the thought that counts, right?

Have a great one and make a mess!


Deb said...

Jules, I think your space looks fabulous!

Doug Bagley said...

Deb's right Jules. I also love the B 40 song, "red, red wine." Do you know who wrote it? If you don't I bet you'd be surprised who did. I was.
Happy Rainy Season!

Mae said...

I wish my room looked that nice and neat. I love your space, Jules.

Roz said...

Your scrappy space looks very creative! You know that we creative creatures are not known for our conventionalism. Although my room often looks messy to others (especially my mister monk-like hubby) I can usually find what I am looking for in a flash.
Your room rocks!

Chris said...

looks FAB-U-LOUS not messy at all ;)