Monday, June 16, 2008

Monday in Paradise

E had a wonderful Father's Day. Our friend, Kim, made it back to Titusville aok having left here a bit before noon and the kids got over late afternoon. They brought all the food to serve E and did a wonderful job. Rob grilled the steaks to perfection, Kristen's salad was wonderful and Chris' baked beans were yummy. We played in the pool and had a really fun day.

Today E is building the frame for the concrete pad for my arbor seat. He put down more sod on the side yard leading to the gate and planted the flowers that will go around the arbor seat. He hopes to have the pad laid with the pavers in place before we head to Janet and Bob's this weekend.

I did not survive this last round at Scrapperie's Gauntlet contest. These competition was awesome with some of the most creative mini albums I have seen. Of course, I'd like to have stayed in the running til the end but I have several layouts and projects now that I might not have done. The contest challenges have been wonderful and I am happy I made it as far as I did. I'm taking my last entry apart and rebinding it....not sure what went wrong with this. The Glimmer Mist does tend to warp the chipboard as you can see. I love the idea for this: Simple Pleasures is the title I chose. Thanks Scrapperie and best of luck to the remaining contestants!

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inara said...

that mini album is very cute!!!