Saturday, August 30, 2008

A Day in the life...

We took a drive out to the beach not long ago as we had been told the waves were really big due to the storms moving our way. Ahem, the teller of this tale was in error...the Gulf was like glass out at our beach. I did get this great pic of one of our feathered friends though and any trip to the beach is a good one, high waves or not.

Today, after E shopped and I cleaned, we headed down to the Sponge Docks for one of the little craft fairs that come through town from time to time. We did pick up some fliers for some spices and a E bought me a starter for a yellow Plumeria...we had one in Ft. Myers that was torn to shreds by one or the other of the hurricanes that ripped through in 04 or 05.

The boys were just pulling up as we pulled in and we are now watching football...well, some of us are and will soon bar b que some yummy stuff. I'm starving so hope we are eating soon.

Hope your Labor Day is going well.

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SLUSH said...

followed your link from ACOT and now you have me all homesick!! ;)
Well...hmmm I do miss FL A TON, but that dang storm thing not so much. Stay safe!