Thursday, August 21, 2008

One closet down and so much yet to go!

It was purge time here for me. As long as the house was in utter chaos anyway from our necessary de flea-ing (thanks cats!), and all I could really do in between loads of laundry was organize, I did. I only got as far as the closet here in my work room and that took most of the day. Talk about a purge: I have a bit over one foot of paper put aside for a scrap yard sale, tons of stickers and tags and frames and an assortment of smaller tools I just had to have and never used. I even went through some of my stamps as well. And I feel so much better!

I discovered over 70 layouts that I had never put in albums. Those are at least sorted by category now which will help me with the next step. I think I am avoiding the actual putting the layouts in albums because I know I'll have to add pages to the albums to make them all fit...hate doing that!

And today, well, I have a project due that I need to finish and write directions for and I have an article to write on Halloween paper crafts and I have this horrible mess on my work top to take care of first. But the day is young and nothing else is on my agenda to work I go! Think of me kindly as you go about your, little ol' me, slaving away trying to find places for things that don't have places! lol

Oh, and it is time for some new tunes on my player here so will put that on The List too!

Enjoy your day!


Janet M said...

Sounds like some good projects for the day to keep you busy. I always pile up the layout too, bad habit of mine, good luck getting them in.

croppin carla said...

Jules...good for you is alot to purge and organize, but it MUST be one......have fun.....hope you are having a good day!