Friday, August 29, 2008

TGIF and happy Labor Day Weekend

Top of the morning to you all. I hope whatever your plans for Labor Day weekend you have a great and safe one.

We're back to one car today until we can get the ol' gal, our van, towed to where our car guy has his shop. We pulled into the drive way after taking Kristen to the airport for her weekend trip to St. Louis and E couldn't get the car out of "drive". Hoping against hope that this is something simple, but time will tell.

We had a great morning yesterday. E had to go to the bank and I had to return my library books so we hopped on our bikes and cruised into town via the park and the Pinellas Trail. After we ran our errand, we stopped at Tulas' Trailside Cafe and watched the bikers on the trail and life in a small town while we ate a great breakfast. I felt like a regular Jessica Fletcher (Murder She Wrote tv show).

Today is run run run day. We need new towels for our bathroom, new Crocs for E, and a fill up on a bunch of stuff at SAM's Club.

How come it is every time I find a gal who cuts and colors my hair exactly like I want, she moves leaving no forwarding address? This is the second stylist who has moved shops and I loved this one even more than the first one who I adored. Hope the new gal on Sat. morning can listen to me and 'see' my hair the way I want it. I've had a couple of them inbetween who didn't.

Hope to finish up two last projects off my desk and then scrap a bunch of some new papers here that are making my fingers itch to play and an idea spinning out of control on what to create with them! Wish me luck.

Have a good one!


Anne said...

'morning Jules, and Happy LDW to you and E! I did get your goodie in the mail the other day, and love it! I've been trying to locate an iota of space on my desk to use it, but oh lord, the challenge of such a feat, LOL! Hope you have a lovely day with all your running.

PS--if you want to do a LO as the Florida version of JB Fletcher, I've got pictures from her location shots that you are welcome to use (her house, for instance). Your day yesterday sounded idyllic.

Ginni C. said...

Oh, I see you have my luck with hairdressers! I go , get a good cut or color and the next time I want to make an appointment, she's gone and I am back to square one.

This happens to me with Stampin' Up reps too.

Hugs! See you at the Hoe Down!

~Cheryl said...

Hey Jules!! Have a great Labor Day weekend! :)

Also, tagged you on my blog- go and check it out! :)

Jules said...

Hey Cheryl, can you send me the link to your blog...thanks, J