Friday, September 12, 2008

Stopping to smell the roses

and they are lovely! E is working on the final step to my arbor seat and then I'll start the mulching. Our rose garden and its rock border are scheduled for work next week and we'll be about 3/4 through with our lower lawn and garden restoration project.

While I was being intoxicated by the aromas, E pointed out two of the most lovely butterflies flitting from flower to flower. It is hard to see but they are actually a lovely light shade of blue with the soft yellow and tan markings. And then there was my iridescent blue dragon fly. His wings were so gossamer, I was afraid they would not show up but bless my zoom on my camera, they did!

We've had numerous visitors to our meandering walk way, through the gate and back among the flowers since we planted. Kristen put her butterfly garden in first with great thought and research. We went to Lowe's and another garden place on Alt 19 and bought what they told us and what we liked. What I have not seen again is my emerald green hummingbird...come back little pretty!

Have a great weekend and don't forget to smell the flowers...


croppin carla said...

Wow Jules....those are dynomite pictures for sure........I bet your garden is just stunning.

Janet M said...

Jules, Nice photos of the butterfly and dragonfly. I'm glad you are getting the garden done.

Thena said...

Just beautiful. Love those photos!
Sending you hugs!