Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Are the stars out tonight?

Well, actually, these are planets. Not the best picture I know but what you see is Jupiter and Venus and the moon. I was out on the lanai admiring our lights last night when I glanced up at the sky. There they were all bright and shiny. Then E called to me and we went out in front for a better view! Lovely. I use to have a sky map and, as a child, could locate tons of constellations but sadly have forgotten most of them. I believe they still sell these maps which you adjust by turning wheels (kind of like a color wheel) for location and time of the year.

I am knee deep in about five different projects right now and need to clear some of these today. I am, as usual, down to about 3 square feet of work space. The art bins are piling up and my Slice is sitting here calling to me to play. Soon, dear little machine, soon.

Got great news that Barb and G-a may be coming up on Friday (Dec. 12)for the Stocking Pals Exchange party(Dec. 13). Jill gets in Thurs and I think we will all head to Dunedin for lunch Fri. and some shopping. Sat. some of us are heading into town here for a Victorian Christmas event staged by the town and the merchants at all the lovely little shops before everyone arrives for the exchange at 6:30pm. This will be our second annual Stocking Pals and I can't wait.

Off to get an early start on some of the projects....Have a great day

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