Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Blogger Award

Stacy Cohen (her blog link is on the left in the list) gave me this award as did my good pal, Chris, and I am so honored that they would select me. Chris and I met at Creative Scrap Shack when she was the DT lead and Stacy and I worked together, however briefly, on the Gypsy Rose Paperie CT. Chirs is the Queen of Cards and Sketches and Stacy a wonderous artist as well. The "rules" are to pass this on to people whom you believe to have creative blogs. Perhaps my interpretation is a bit different than others because I include entertaining in with the tag creative. I have one friend who does not post her creative work on her blog but does write the most entertaining blog I've ever read. Another friend's blog is inspirational and on and on. So, my nominees are an assorted definition of creative and I encourage you to visit them all. You can find their blog links on the left in the list of blogs I love to visit.

Linda from Hilltop Memories
Anne (one of the original Cabana Girls)
Carla from SNR
Pam from KnK (and a good wine thirty pal)
W.O.T.E (Katherine)

As Stacy said in her awarding, it is a busy time of the year so gals, if you don't have the time to pass this on, I will not be offeneded. Tis the Season and I understand. Have a wonderous day all!


altar ego said...

Thanks, Jules! Your blogging community is so vast and wide it is a great honor to be included. I love being able to keep up with you and what you're doing on your blog. One of these days I hope I can return to the chat world and stay in touch that way.
Love you!

W.O.T.E. said...

this is an honor - especially coming from you! what a gift this season - thank you!!!!