Friday, March 27, 2009

KnK Clb Sock Hop Crop

I will catch you all on the flip side of the weekend. I'll try to post pictures of the crop in Bonita Springs and the demo I am doing along with lots of fun gal pals scrapping away when I can.

I still have to pack up my scrap crap (as my honey calls my supplies)which is loosely stacked all over my work room. Clothes are ready and packed so it should only take me a half hour or so. And then there is the stack of clean clothes on top of the drier that I would really like to get put away before I go.

Had I not gotten up at 3 am yesterday thinking it was 6, I'd probably had more energy to get stuff done yesterday. I could not keep my eyes open and fell asleep twice in the dr. office.

Speaking of the foot dr., good news! No surgery scheduled yet for the foot. We are going to try some other things first. In addition to the bunion causing pain, I also have a spur and some joint disintegration in the big toe on my right steel insert for the shoe, a shot with a long thin needle full of something that helped tons and a script of some ointment. This weekend will be a good trial for the treatment.

Will be good to see all the Florida scrappers this weekend, the Hilltop Gals and Susie and Jayne all the way from Pensacola and Alabama and Jill from N.C.

Wish you all could join us!


Pam in Moncton said...

Wish I could join you too! Hope all of you have a great time. I hope the foot treatment will do the trick for a while anyway. Love your layout from yesterday by the way.

altar ego said...

Me too! I'm getting tired of all the fun you are having without me. All is not right in the universe!

Martha said...

It sounds like fun! You're always on the go!

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