Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Savannah: Day Two and Three

Day Two was spent shopping and riding the trolley tour and walking walking walking. We covered most of downtown from the Savannah River to the City Market and parts in every direction. I am now the proud owner of far too many Savannah tee shirts than any one gal can wear in one lifetime! lol

Upon the recommendation of a bar maid at Murphey's Law bar, we ate at the Pink House last nigh in the Tavern. If ever need to know where the best food places are in a new town, as the bar maid. Ours was actually from St Charles originally and she was not wrong. Our meal was divine. We have been pigging out on seafood (not that E and I do not get our share in Tarpon Springs)and the Pink House's was yummy!

Today we hit the road running. We wanted to be near the start of the parade but still able to get to River Street. We finally found a place to stand and the parade (which is about 3 hours long) was well worth the wait. I've never seen so many men in skirts (ah, sorry! kilts)in my life. And there is something is bit offsetting about bagpipers playing Dixie...lol.

We're back home having a cool libation on our veranda and listening to some blue waft up from somewhere close to the river. This has been amazing!

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