Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

When the kids were little, we'd go all out for Easter: the new outfits complete with gloves and hat for Kristen and a little bow tie for Rob, Easter baskets with a toy or stuffed bunny, hidden eggs decorated the day before and candy galore. Since the kids are now in the 30s, we've scaled back a bit. E did eggs yesterday and I helped color some of them. Our color dye package had the traditional colors and the metal dipper I remembered but came without the decals (that often did not adhere) or the egg holder bands...bummer! E got some candy but not tons as we start South Beach (again) tomorrow and will send the remaining candy home with the kids (our son in law, Chris, will eat anything! We love that about him!)

I've had the bunny collection in increasing numbers for the past several years. This year, I could not find one that called out to me so the numbers remained static. The ceramic bunnies on the table are about 6 or 7 years old and when I saw them in a store, they made me laugh so are now part of our Spring decorations.

We haven't hidden eggs since Kristen was 20. E lured her into an Easter egg hunt for plastic eggs he hid around the condo both inside and out with the knowledge he has put a penny in one egg, a nickle in another all the way up to a twenty dollar bill. That egg hunt went fast!

The kids are due over around one or two ish and we'll eat a non traditional Easter supper of turkey (no one cares much for ham but E and I) and side dishes. Meanwhile, the pool is warm enough to swim so we may indulge a bit.

Hope your holiday whatever it may be is a joyous one filled with family and friends and fun.

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Happy Easter!