Tuesday, April 07, 2009

My last two reveals for KnKclub.com

I posted these on the site yesterday. Both use the amazing Bisous.biz product by Suzanne Q. I have been smitten with her work and her designs for quite some time now and have scads and scads of her papers and chipboard. The "Cheers" layout is of two of our dear friends, Kelly and Jill. Jill was my student teacher back in the day and is now a principal. Kelly is just so cute! It has become our tradition on our last day at our beach time share for all of us to get calamari (except me as I'm not a big fan) and toast each other and our week together. That is what that layout is about. The other layout "I heart Rock" is about Kip's stepdog (her ex Woody's dog Rock)with whom I have fallen in love. If we ever get a dog, it has to be one like Rock. He had climbed into my van and looked so comfortable behind the wheel I thought he'd just drive me home! This dog has personality plus!

Cable was out for what seemed like eons this morning: no tv, no phone and no internet. Even the paper guy was a no show. We worked crosswords to pass the time. Off to finish up some fun projects for Genuinely Jane Studios. Have a great day!

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W.O.T.E. said...

adore these papers, love that giant CHEERS!