Saturday, June 20, 2009

Hot,humid, muggy and oppressive!

Color me one unhappy camper. I was really looking forward to heading to the Sponge Docks this evening for some Greek dancing lessons, a little ouzo or wine, and sampling some wonderful Greek food but alas! It is not to is so humid that both of us are having trouble taking a deep breath. The heat index is 105 today and it so obvious once we stepped outside our door. We didn't even ride this morning and that is something for us.

I love living in Paradise but the weather lately has been the pits and worse than I can ever remember. This too shall pass as my dear mom use to say.

Kind thoughts and prayers for my sister, Janet, would be greatly appreciated as she begins a struggle that I am sure she can win just as my dad did. Thinking of you, Sis!

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