Friday, June 05, 2009

Today's Favorite Five Challenge: layouts

This was so hard to pick. I've been scrapping for over twelve years and have tons of albums and stacks of layouts everywhere. I did manage to narrow my picks to these 7 (I know I know...only 5...ha!)more recent layouts. Each is my favorite for a different reason: the photos or the colors I used, or the papers or how it came together or the memories I relived during the creation process or a combination of these. All I know is that they have a special appeal to me and hopefully others will sense that.

So, here are the tags for today: Laura B, Tammy Dee, Darlene (from the G45 paper forum), Twinks (aka Kath) and my friend Barb in Ft. Myers. You have one week, ladies, to post your top five ( or more) favorite layouts on either your blog or in a gallery and let us know which one...and tag five other people. Thanks for playing and have fun!

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