Sunday, July 26, 2009

Pam is in the house...

E and I got back into town around 9:30 yesterday morning and Rob was still here. He helped E unload the van while I did some clean up tasks. Our pool turned green in our absence so E has been working to get that cleaned up and hopefully we can swim this evening.

I picked Pam up around 11:30 complete with a Welcome to Paradise sign and my foam margarita hat complete with salt shaker and hibiscus flower. Thanks heavens no cameras were available as I am sure I was a sight! lol

After a slight detour (I call missed turns "taking the scenic route") we headed towards Tarpon Springs with a short stop at Ruban Rouge. Pam had been hearing about the store for eons and I wanted her to experience it first hand. A bunch of the Hilltop gals along with KnK gals (the boundaries here are very fluid and what are labels anyway, right?) were on lunch break from the awesome Tim Holtz classes that were going on so we got to chat with them also.

We put the top down on my midlife crisis car, Hot Mama, picked up E and headed out to show Pam the sights. Our first stop was Molly Goodhead's in Ozona (the little town where all the streets are zoned for golf carts!) so E and Pam could have their oyster shooters and I could get a frozen margarita. We shared some fried clams, calamari, grouper nuggets and oysters on the half shell. Yummmmmm! (except for the raw stuff which I do not do).

Next stop was Peggy O'Neal's in old town Palm Harbor for cold beer and a chance to catch some of the Rays vs Jays game on tv. We love the atmosphere in this Irish pub and wanted to share it with Pam.

Then it was on to Lime N Coconut which is a tiny, local place in Tarpon Springs near the Sponge Docks. There are painted bathtubs in front filled with plants and weathered shutters on the inside walls. I love this place and the food is great too.
A beer or two later, we moved on to supper at Rusty Bellies, sitting out on the dock on the water. We got an order of rock shrimp (my fave), onion straws and a steamer pot filled with shrimp, clams, oysters, crab legs, potatoes, corn, and mussels and it was terrific. Oh, and who moved the two marooned shrimp boats that leaned side to side in the river...they were so lovely there esp. during sunsets. Gone!

We came home to the lanai and a bottle (or 2 but who is counting)Robbler Vignole from Missoui...then toddled off to bed.

Today is a new day with new adventures....let the day begin!


Janet M said...

Now that sounds like one perfect day. Have fun at CHA - it sounds like more fun that what I'm going to do.

Jenelle said...

How good does that frozen margarita look!!! I want one now!

Treasa said...

Looks like you gals are having an awesome time. Love all the photos. HUGS

elle said...

so much fun, food and drinks for one day! sounds like a great time!

enjoy cha!


W.O.T.E. said...

I have not made it to the lime n the coconut yet but love Mollys - fried shrimp!