Saturday, August 15, 2009

From our friend Chuck

Our friends, Chuck and Linda, do mission work with their church in Jamaica two or three times a year. One of the areas in which they work is in conjunction with an orphanage. What I did not know was that when children are designated to an orphanage in Jamaica, they can not be adopted. The orphanage Chuck and Linda are associated with through their mission is in need of assistance. Chuck is doing a fund raiser and the details follow in the email he sent us this week. Do as your heart tells you...and thanks for reading.

I need Help.

I’d like to ride the Katy again, from Sedalia to St. Charles, as a fund raiser for our Jamaica Missouri Partnership. I did it last year and raised over $200. This year I’d like to try to raise $400 or more. I have a target goal in mind- a new computer for the children at Pringle Children’s Home near Carron Hall in Jamaica.
So, here is the plan. I will take my bike on the train to Sedalia. Ride to Booneville. Ride to Jefferson City, and then ride to Hermann. The next week, after a little rest, I will ride from Hermann to Augusta and then finish by riding to St. Charles. God willing.
So, how can you help. Please pledge a donation to give me the moral support and impetus to do the ride. I need some help with changing inertia to a moving force rather than a sedentary force on the sofa.
If you can help please send a check to
Missouri Mid South Conference --United Church of Christ
411 E. Lockwood Ave.
St. Louis, Mo. 63119 Attn. Laura
And please let Laura know the check is for the Jamaica Missouri Partnership.

What do you get out of this? Hopefully we get a slimmer Chuck. And, if you request it, a picture of me and my bike (frameable) somewhere scenic on the Katy Trail, and the satisfaction of knowing that you helped me and a bunch of kids in Jamaica. That’s the most important part- Helping Jamaican kids.

I completed the first 3 days of the ride. Aug. 11,12, 13. Help me finish next week.

Chuck Adams-


altar ego said...

Good luck to Chuck on his mission. Wish we could help! Someone should get in touch with the Post Despatch or one of the TV stations and let them know what he is doing and get some coverage. I would think he might be able to raise a whole bunch more money!

Jules said...

Great idea, Anne...thanks,I'll pass it on to Chuck.