Saturday, August 22, 2009

Happy Weekend

I was just thinking abut weekend traditions. When E and I were teaching, Sat. was our day to hang around the house in our jammies in the morning and then, if we did not have plans with friends, we'd, take a walk or go down to the little lake, weather permitting, and E would fish while I'd read from a blanket on the grass.

Now that we are retired and every day is a weekend if we so chose, we still try to make the weekends special just because. Sometimes we go to a green market or bike down by the bayou here in town rather than ride the trail. We check the paper for local festivals and events and select one every weekend or so or plan on having friends over for dinner.

Today is Sat. and the week kind of got away from us so we have made no plans. But, who knows what adventure is lurking just around the corner?

Had a great evening scrapping at Ruban Rouge. Lisa is always a trip and, while Jean could not make it, Jackie and Co. were there to welcome me. We missed you Jean. I made more progress on my notesbooks that I am altering for Christmas gifts and they are posted on my altered art site: If you are in the Stocking Pals group and want a preview, look away...if you like surprises, don't. I'll give these out ala grab bag style so who knows who will get what. I am having fun with these and finally using a bunch of my stamps that have been begging me to ink them up and get them dirty!

So, back to the weekend traditions thing...what is yours?


Char said...

Hey, glad I could give you some ideas for your trip to Disney. Are you on Facebook? I keep up with a lot of people that way.

W.O.T.E. said...

I fritter it away and then can't believe it's Monday!